Journal club presentation

This week Journal club presentation has 3 presentation, two of them on friday and one on saturday.

The presenter and topic choosen by them are

1. Rutuja – Expanding fungal pathogenesis: Cryptococcus breaks out of the opportunistic box

2. Maushmi – Progeris syndromes and ageing: What is the connection ?

3. Neha – Lysosome biogenesis and lysosomal membrane proteins: trafficking meets function

With a diverse topic lots of knowledge entered into the brain and generates many more impulsive question.

A question which arouse during discussion is to where to pin point out the pathogen weak point to attack it and eliminate it. This can be outside the body or inside. If epidemic type it will be more beneficial and economical to be dealt it with outside and if some how it break the barrier then a site to tackle it. So, more to think in view point of various disease with there phenotypic and genotypic changes inside and outside the host.

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