Group Presentation

With a whole new enthusiasm the group ppt started on Friday  20 April and with more energetic mood concluded on Saturdy 21 April. With these new protocol in Journal Club the ppt session of Semester 2 ended. It has to a great extend was successful in imparting new knowledge and killing the fear of presentation. It also unify the class more strongly.

The 4 group with there topic are as follow :

1. Group A – Arrest by Ribosome (Deepika, Ritisha, Akshay, Deepthi, Priyanka, Rituja, Surbhi)

2. Group B –  Method for discovering novel DNA viruses in blood using viral particle selection and shotgun sequencing (Ajaz, Hitesh, Monika, Arti, Nazneen, Priya, Khushboo)

3. Group C – Digoxin as a helping hand in autoimmunity ( Nehanjali, Parinita, Sukrati, Moushmi, Neha, Apoorva)

4. Group D – In vitro and intracellular antimycobacterial activity of a Bacillus pumilus strain (Ankita, Swati, Veena, Sushant, Sarmistha, Aakansha, Sumit)

For this mighty support and encouragement I gave a hearty thanks to all the teachers, non-staff members and to all my friends for making it a great success.

Hope, it will start in semester 3 with new modification so that it will be lot more beneficial to all.

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One Response to Group Presentation

  1. swati ambekar says:

    yes… Group ppt was a wonderful idea and got a tremendous success. It taught the entire class the concept of ‘team spirit’ . We hope that this will take the students to the new heights of knowledge and confidence in the 3rd sem…. Journal club rocks…

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