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Books for NET preparation

1. Developmental Biology – Gilbert 2. Molecular biology of the gene – Robert and watson 3. Molecular cell biology – Lodish 4. Molecular biotechnology – Glick and pasternack 5. Principle of Gene Manipulation – Old and primrose 6. Genomes – … Continue reading

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JNU national symposium

JNU National symposium on Microbes in health and agriculture from 12 – 13 march 2012 More detail visit

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CSIR-NET 17th June 2012

The CSIR-NET exam for JRF and eligibility for lecturership is going to be held on 17 June 2012 starting date for sale of application form – 21 feb 2012 Closing date of sale of application form – 14 march 2012 … Continue reading

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Fungus tweaked to produce drug

Scientists have tweaked a fungus commonly found on rotting bread or food stuff to produce a vital drug to fight viral infections. Biotechnologist Astrid Mach-Aigner and his team made a fungus, Trichoderma, to produce NANA (N-Acetylneuraminic acid), a vital source of drugs to … Continue reading

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Brain cell created from human skin

British scientist have for the first time generated crucial type of human brain cell in the laboratory by reprogramming skin cell, which they say could speed up the hunt for new treatment for condition’s such as Alzheimer’s. source : Times … Continue reading

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The Telepathy Machine

By peering inside the brain, it is possible to reconstruct speech from the activity that takes place when we hear someone talking. Pasley’s team coorelated many aspects of speech to the neural activity happening at that time. More detail and … Continue reading

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Biotech website

Below are the site dedicated for biotech student

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